Sensor Systems

Sonar Signal Processing

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We are a recognized leader in the development and integration of advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare signal-processing for the US Navy.  We deliver advanced array processing, enabling surveillance platforms to optimize sensor performance tracking quiet threats.  Our adaptive processing techniques improve passive and active detection of quiet targets in adverse environmental and interfering conditions.  We develop and integrate active sonar-processing technology, enabling sonar operators to readily detect, classify, and localize targets.  Our signal-processing products provide advanced capability, flexibility, and value to our US Navy customers.

Real-Time Software

We employ design methodologies such as extreme programming and utilize a test-driven approach to mission-critical real-time software development. Our developers combine powerful modern development approaches, such as generic programming and aspect-oriented programming, with classical object-oriented techniques. Our internally developed Signal Processing Engine is a distributed real-time platform we leverage to significantly shorten the time necessary to move a new algorithm or performance enhancement from the blackboard into the field.  It is fast, highly efficient, and targeted for low power applications.


Advanced Development

Our Advanced Development Group is our basis for innovative and cutting-edge signal processing solutions for the US Navy. A primary objective is improved automated detection and classification of sonar signals.  We bring multi-disciplinary expertise in adaptive signal processing, detection and estimation theory, signal analysis, and physics-based modeling to stay ahead of our adversaries.