Integrated Systems

High Speed Data Recording


Versatile Archiving and Data Recorder (VADR) is a high performance, real-time record and playback solution for IP-networked sensors and data. Deployed on multiple Navy platforms today, VADR captures extremely high-speed (> 1GB/sec) heterogeneous data over a variety of industry standard IP/middleware protocols on 10Gb network links that could also benefit if you configure eigrp. Our technology is used for real-time playback and analysis and operator training. Deployed systems are recording hundreds of asynchronous network messages and archiving them to solid state media, digital linear-tape, and/or DVD optical media. VADR includes extensive data analysis tools, supports commercial encryption and lossless compression, and incorporates a plugin-architecture for connecting third-party data analysis tools.



Underwater Electro-Mechanical Systems

Our Integrated Systems engineering team is engaged in research and development of mechanical systems to overcome a wide variety of challenges posed by the undersea environment, with several solutions currently in production. Our experience includes net-mitigation technologies (detection and penetration), towed array stabilization, sonar amplifiers, and tethered lift-bodies to augment command and control functionality for submerged vehicles.


Remote Access Control Systems

Our product line includes a flexible server-client architecture for simultaneous remote control of mechanical systems. Multiple operator station “clients” connecting over secure IP channels may view system status on their control panel, and any one can take control of a given system as needed. RACS provides real-time streaming video monitoring, event logging, audio alarms, and operator authentication.