Common Tactical Picture Development Phase II SBIR – January 2014

Common Tactical Picture Development Phase II SBIR - January 2014

January 2014

Centreville, VA

Adaptive Methods, Inc. of Centreville, VA was awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to continue research for common tactical picture development under N112-131, Data Fusion for USW Common Tactical Picture.  This research addresses the challenges presented by multiple tactical pictures being fielded via various Navy systems that attempt to provide a “Common Tactical Picture”(CTP). These redundant and overlapping capabilities ultimately require operators to mentally visualize a hybrid CTP, since no single system or display provides the complete, timely, and accurate CTP needed to effectively conduct the ASW mission. Adaptive Methods provides a Sailor-Centric approach for concept definition, ASW systems engineering, and CTP algorithm development and automation. The primary objective of this effort is to provide the capability for the ASW Commander to develop and share an accurate, real-time Common Tactical Picture (CTP) that conveys his/her intent with minimal workload on operators across the Force. During the Phase I effort, work was focused on documenting workflows for the CTP, identifying the information needed at the decision points, and how this information will be carried. Ultimately, Adaptive Methods defined a methodology to create and automatically distribute the CTP. In the Phase II effort, the objective is to design and build a prototype of the CTP methodology, and conduct additional research for implementation for a persistent Master Tactical Plot.

Adaptive Methods, Inc. ( is a developer of advanced sensor systems, sensor processing, and computing architecture products for surveillance, security and military combat systems. Adaptive Methods is based in Centreville, Virginia, with satellite offices in five states.  For additional information, contact