Visualization Framework for Navy Tactical Applications – January 2014

Visualization Framework for Navy Tactical Applications - January 2014

January 2014

Centreville, VA

Adaptive Methods, Inc. of Centreville, VA was awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to continue research for tactical application visualization technology under N111-045 Visualization Framework for Navy Tactical Applications.

This effort addresses the challenges presented by multiple systems, currently fielded on-board various Navy platforms, containing multiple USW C2 capabilities. The redundant and overlapping capabilities, amplified by less-than-ideal integration between the systems, requires duplicate data entries to get the same information on each display. This process is both cumbersome and prone to error. This research effort will attempt to provide a complete paradigm for application development and deployment, as well as offer device-agnostic and rendering environment-agnostic Open Source APIs. The approach allows multiple organizations to contribute their “best of breed” features to a common geo-spatial environment that will save time and cost of transitions. The Phase I efforts seeded the development of a common Visualization Framework that may be used to assemble customizable tactical display applications from tactical feature modules that are re-usable across programs. The Phase II efforts will expand these capabilities to provide a more powerful set of general user interface capabilities in line with the needs of C2 applications from multiple programs. The work will be performed across Adaptive Methods offices and is expected to complete in 2016.

Adaptive Methods, Inc. ( is a developer of advanced sensor systems, sensor processing, and computing architecture products for surveillance, security and military combat systems. Adaptive Methods is based in Centreville, Virginia, with satellite offices in five states.  For additional information, contact