Each year, Adaptive Methods continues to improve and develop new and innovative products that impact the world around us.  From mission critical software solutions to the development of advanced emergency shelters, our capabilities enable us to provide a broad range of services and products that are in the forefront of today's technology.



Adaptive Methods developed the DISe (Deployable Interchangeable Sensor), a portable, hand-deployable environmental sensor that provides remote situational awareness to address this need. The sensor package provides video and environmental monitoring capabilities in hazardous environments.




Net Pen

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) execute a wide variety of commercial and defense related clip_image002missions. Many of these missions are in regions or cover distances where encounters with fishing nets are likely. For those situations, a net avoidance or net penetration system is necessary to ensure successful mission completion and vehicle recovery. Net Penetration Equipment (NPE) provides the means for a UUV to cut through a net and continue on its mission. It is the preferred option when nets are difficult to detect prior to entanglement, or where rerouting means shorter overall range or less time on station.



The SHARC—SURTASS Headline and Roll Control—is a net mitigation and array stabilization device in use with SURTASS towed sonar arrays. It was designed to survive the harsh marine environment for multiple underwater deployments, each up to three months long.






Signal & Data Recorderrecorder

The Recorder Functional Segment (RecFS) is a scalable network-based recording solution that was originally designed to record and playback high bandwidth acoustic sensor level data to/from low cost commercial media so that system developers would have the capability to use real ocean data for system development and testing well before going to sea.