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  • Mission Package Rollout

    missionpackage Adaptive Methods products were demonstrated during the LCS ASW Mission Package Rollout events. Demonstration events, showing off the d…

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  • Adaptive Methods develops SHARC tow system

    sharc Adaptive Methods Sensor Systems Division has successfully developed and demonstrated a stabilization and entanglement resistant tow …

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  • Adaptive Methods Awarded NAVSEA Contract Mod

    Adaptive Methods was awarded a $5.9M modification to its principle NAVSEA contract.  The mod exercises an option for surface ship undersea warfare co…

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  • Adaptive Methods Revealed

    barclayroman Barclay Roman reveals new identityat gathering at the Fair Lakes Hyatt. Today, the company known as Applied Hydro-Acoustics Research …

    08-31-2005 | Read More


Adaptive Methods Announces Launch of Net Penetration Equipment

Adaptive Methods’ internal-mounted NET PEN is adaptable to a wide range of vehicle sizes. It is intended to mount within a UUVs nosecone without affecting existing equipment (e.g., forward-looking sonar arrays), and integrates with existing UUV power and propulsion systems to detect, deploy, penetrate, and retract, upon contact with a net. External hull-mounted NET PEN is also available, which will ensure unencumbered net penetration, for UUVs with larger protruding surfaces such as masts, snorkels, etc.

Adaptive Methods can design, prototype, integrate, test, and manufacture NET PEN to address virtually any production-UUV net-mitigation deficiency, or to meet any new or developing program requirement.

Adaptive Methods, Inc. is a developer of advanced sensor systems and sensor processing and computing architecture products for surveillance, security and military combat systems based in Centreville, VA.