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Adaptive Methods Awarded Contract With IWS5B

Centreville, VA., June 1, 2009 - Adaptive Methods was awarded a three-year contract and was funded an initial $4.5 million. Adaptive Methods will provide services to the Surface Ship Undersea Warfare (USW) Combat Systems Program Office (IWS5B).

The Company’s goals for the contract are to foster innovative technical solutions to the myriad of USW challenges, to enable the insertion of promising technologies into both new and existing Surface Ship Undersea Warfare combat systems, and to mitigate COTS hardware end-of-life issues by using portable software implementation of improved processing algorithms. The range of work will include system engineering, architecture design, software engineering, algorithm and prototype development, and installation, integration, and test activities.

Work will be performed by personnel from all Adaptive Methods offices including the new Rhode Island office.

Adaptive Methods, headquartered in Virginia with offices in Maryland, Florida, and Rhode Island, is a developer of advanced sensor processing and computing architecture products for surveillance, security, and military combat systems.