Research & Development

Adaptive Methods has performed advanced development work for the U.S. Navy and prime contractors since its incorporation in 1973. Our advanced development goals are to transition new signal and information processing technologies to fleet operational systems. Our products are comprised mainly of sonar signal processing algorithms such as conventional and adaptive beamformers for passive and active applications, detection and classification algorithms, tactical decision aids, sensor-array shape estimation algorithms, and multi-sensor data fusion algorithms. In addition, the Advanced Development Group provides systems engineering services, hydrodynamic modeling, tow body design and fabrication, and test & evaluation support to the U.S. Navy and prime contractors.

Signal Processing Developments

Adaptive Methods’ advanced development algorithms and technologies are integrated into broadly applicable software applications that support a variety of Navy programs. Many of these algorithms are developed in a peer-review environment, providing an opportunity for our developers to interact with leading experts in the field.

Adaptive Methods has developed & implemented a variety of conventional beamformer (CBF) algorithms with wide applications in uniformly spaced line arrays (ULAs) and many other array designs. These beamformers include real-time array shape estimation (ASE), array shape correction (ASC), and range focusing. We have developed and implemented a number of adaptive beamformer (ABF) algorithms for Navy technology demonstrations and fleet systems.