Our expanding role in the commercial and Government arenas is a direct result of our dedication to our customer's needs.  We strive to provide the best services and products globally and to our customers.  Through our extensive array of capabilities, we are defining new products and technologies that have an unprecedented impact on the world today.

Signal Processing

The Signal Processing Group at Adaptive Methods provides real-time solutions for many of the complex SONAR challenges that exist in today's Navy. We are a leader in providing low-cost/high-performance products that use latest technologies and employ flexible and practical designs.

Sensor Acquisition & Recording

Adaptive Methods’ Sensor Integration Group develops front-end interfaces to collect and format data from physical sensors and legacy data busses for the U.S. Navy. Both custom and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware are used to tap the data sources and bring the raw information into symmetric multi-processor (SMP) servers for formatting.

Fusion & Display

Adaptive Methods designs, develops, and integrates the Data Fusion Functional Segment (DFFS) for USW combat systems aboard several U.S. Navy platforms. DFFS provides a centralized sonar operator workstation for all sensors. DFFS provides interfaces with new high-performance ASW sensors and improved target detection/classification/tracking performance while reducing operator workload. Introducing DFFS within the modern surface ship USW COTS-based architecture provides a rapid and affordable fleet transition of a unified operator analysis workstation on DDG and CG platforms.

Modeling & Simulation

The Modeling and Simulation Group at Adaptive Methods is a leader in the research and development of underwater acoustic simulation-based tools for the Navy. Adaptive Methods ModSim Team personnel are recognized experts in the fields of underwater acoustic modeling especially modeling for multi-statics.

Advanced Development

Adaptive Methods has performed advanced development work for the U.S. Navy and prime contractors since its incorporation in 1973. Our advanced development goals are to transition new signal and information processing technologies to fleet operational systems. Our Advanced Development products are comprised principally of sonar signal processing algorithms such as conventional and adaptive beamformers for passive and active applications, detection and classification algorithms, tactical decision aids, sensor-array shape estimation algorithms, and multi-sensor data fusion algorithms. In addition, the Advanced Development Group provides systems engineering services, hydrodynamic modeling, tow body design and fabrication, and test and evaluation support to the U.S. Navy and prime contractors.